2017: Becoming Intimately Acquainted with God!

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2017: Becoming Intimately Acquainted with God!

My husband and I just celebrated in Nov (2016) our 50th Wedding Anniversary!  When I married him, I had known him for about 3-years, first as a friend of my friend, and then when we decided to “date” (if that’s what you call going to church together and spending time mostly with my family) … we definitely got to know each other better! We interacted and observed each other with family, friends, etc. And I liked what I saw!

However, after 50-years I can say I TRULY KNOW AARON GLENN ARTT very well! I know what he means when he raises his eyebrow a certain way. I know what every “moan” “groan” and “hiccup” means, and without his saying a word, I know when he is hurting, when he is sad, when he is happy, and even when he likes something that I cooked for him (or not)! I know him intimately, inside and out and love him all the more – the better I know him!

“Yada” – An Intimate Relationship

There is a word in Hebrew for “intimate” – yada – with several Biblical references, but this was the first recorded:

“Adam knew [yada] his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore Cain… Cain knew [yada] his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch… Adam knew [yada] his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth… (Genesis 4:1, 17, 25)

In this reference yada does not refer to a sexual relationship or experience. Rather, yada is dedicating ourselves to a person so we can engage them with our love and affection.

For too many of those who call themselves “Christian” there is not that deep intimate knowledge of our Savior, our Lord and Master, our Friend – Jesus! We still know “about Him” – what others have written about Him (the scriptures) or what some have experienced with Him (testimonies) – but there is another dimension of His love and compassion that we can experience (no matter what you now know, there is so much more for you to enjoy).

Yes, we may know “about God” – but this year it is time to make it a priority to KNOW HIM – deeply, personally, intimately! The psalmist wrote: “I’m thanking you, God, out in the streets, singing your praises in town and country. The deeper Your love, the higher it goes; every cloud’s a flag to Your faithfulness. Soar high in the skies, O God! You cover the whole earth with Your glory! And for the sake of the one You love so much, reach down and save me by Your Power!” (Psalm.108:3-6 MSG).

Christ Lives in You

Yes! God wants to “burst forth” from your very inner-most being. The address of God is “your person” – “Out of your belly shall flow, Rivers of Living Water.” (John.7:38)  God sees enough in “your person” that He feels completely “at home” there!  No longer just the Christ of history! Not just a Christ that is coming – * But He is the Christ who lives in you! “Christ in you – the Hope of Glory!” (Col.1:27)

* You are (already) blessed with every spiritual blessing in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus!  (Eph.1:3)  And as we recognize and receive all that He has provided for us, the more deeply our love is reciprocated by His deep love for us and convinces us that By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the one who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence. And because of His glory and excellence, He has given us great and precious promises. These are the promises that enable you to share His divine nature and escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires.”  (2Peter.1:3-4).

Your life and His love for you is no longer a “prophetic  shadow”  or a “distant hope” that we can define as our journey. But NOW there is a light that unveils His GLORY within us – as seen in the “face of a man in a mirror!”  Now we declare as the Song of Solomon (5:16) does, Everything about Him delights me, thrills me through and through!” 

Your Authentic Identity

For you see that it is “In Him every face is unveiled. In gazing with wonder at the blueprint likeness of God displayed in human form we suddenly realize that we are looking at ourselves! Every feature of His image is mirrored in us! This is the most radical transformation engineered by the Spirit of the Lord; we are led from an inferior mind-set to the revealed endorsement of our authentic identity.” (2Cor.3:18 MirrorBible)

This year – As you become more intimately acquainted with Jesus, you will see the “real you” – revealed in Him more clearly! That is your authentic identity – In Christ!   ~ Shelia Hart Artt   #OutrageousGrace

Blessings for the most wonderful year yet – 2017!
(The painting of Jesus is by my husband – Aaron Glenn Artt.)

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