A NEW HEART … He Has Promised!

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A NEW HEART … He Has Promised!

A New Heart  … as He has promised … 

Heart of Fire“Now is the day for a fresh start
Renewed and restored – a New Heart
The pain has now past
The best saved for last
God’s work is complete – not in part.
[Shelia for Pastor Aaron – 03.14.15] ~

     Every day is a new opportunity to make a fresh start. God gave me this poem today as I was thanking Him for “the report” my husband (Pastor Aaron) gave me that he no longer feels the deep pain that has been in his heart for many months (even years)!
We are just home from Little Rock – and against all odds, the cardiac team (at the VA Hospital) were able to open a “clogged” artery in Pastor’s heart … and SUDDENLY the blood is flowing more freely and giving him “renewed strength and energy.”

We will return to the VA Hospital in Little Rock – on Tuesday (Mar.17) – this week and specialists will do a new type of procedure that will “break through” the damaged part of the Aorta – which has 3-failed-stints that have been “encrusted” with plaque and through which nothing can “flow.”  Aaron will have a “new heart” and feel like a New Man … all in the perfect timing of the Father’s purpose!

But I am once again reminded of the promise from the Father when we came to Branson (1993) in
2Peter.1:19 – and from the Mirror Bible we read:
“For us the appearing of the Messiah is no longer a future promise but a fulfilled reality. Now it is your turn to have more than a second-hand, hearsay testimony. Take my word as one would take a lamp at night; the day is about to dawn for you in your own understanding. When the morning star appears, you no longer need the lamp; this will happen shortly on the horizon of your own hearts.”  

2Peter.1:5 – says: “This is exactly what God always had in mind for us; every one of His abundant and priceless promises pointed to our restored participation in our Godly origin!  Now  (in the light of what we are gifted with in Christ) the stage is set to display life’s excellence. Explore the adventure of faith!”

     The Pain is Now Past … The Best Saved for Last!
His work is COMPLETE – not in part!

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  1. I will continue to pray for healing of Bro Aaron and for the caregivers to be the hands of the true Physician and for the comfort and faith of you and the girls. God is faithful.

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