Embrace the Change!

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Embrace the Change!

God Gives Us Grace for Change

“Don’t you see how wonderfully kind, tolerant, and patient God is with you? In His kindness He takes you firmly by the hand and leads you into a radical life-change.” (Romans.2:4)

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up – rather than what they have to  gain.”  ~ Anonymous Quote

“The Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like Him as we are CHANGED into His glorious image.” (2Cor.3:18)

“Since God in His mercy has given us this New Way – we never give up.” (2Cor.4:1)


We have often said that the 11th Commandment could be “Blessed are the Flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” This is a season of “change” and our challenge is to go with the flow of the Spirit of God. We cannot stop here! We have come too far to go back!

Is There A Hidden Agenda?

Agenda – defined: “A plan or goal that guides someone’s behavior and that is often kept secret.”
i.e. –  He wants to push/promote his own agenda – no matter what the others say.

Romans.12:9-11 – Love without any hidden agenda…. Take tender care of one another with fondness and affection; esteem one another’s unique value. Do not allow any hesitation to interrupt the rhythm of your zeal; capture the moment; maintain the boiling-point intensity of Spirit devotion to the Lord.”

All throughout the 12th Chapter of Romans, Paul addresses the matter of putting others before yourself. Verse 5 says, “In Christ, the many individuals are all part of the same Body and members of one another.”

In other words, the Church – the Body – is not a place for your “individual gifts” and preferences to be on display, but for the good of the Body. In verse 4 we read, “every individual member co-compliments the other.” So then, the question would be “Is what you are doing as you ‘function’ in the Body, for your own personal ‘ministry’ or edification – or are you considering the greater good of the WHOLE Body?”

Giving Deference to Others

There is another word – rarely used these days – that we could apply to this train of thought:
Deference – defined: “A way of behaving that shows respect to someone or something.”
i.e. – He decided not to get a tattoo in deference to his mother.

If you are not willing to lay aside your personal likes or dislikes and embrace the greater purpose of the Body – perhaps you should re-examine Rom.12:9 – “Love without any hidden agendas.”

If your wishes and desires and gifts and purpose is more important to you, than that the “little ones” not be offended, then perhaps you have a “hidden agenda.”

And, if you get “offended” because you must lay aside your “gift” then obviously, something in your life has become more important to you than that the Body of Christ be edified and encouraged – and you have – though you may not have recognized it before – You have developed a “hidden agenda.”

Limiting Our Freedoms

Matthew recorded the words of Jesus in chapter 18, and I believe they are applicable here: “If your hand or foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It’s better to enter eternal life with only one hand or foot than to cause one of these children to stumble.”  

Are we willing to limit our freedom for a “weaker brother”? – “… You must be careful so that your freedom does not cause others to stumble.” (1Cor.8:9-13)

What Are You Expecting?

If we are ever to experience what we have been “looking for” and expecting – then we must abandon our personal “agendas,” show deference to our Pastor and consider those to whom we will minister. I truly am believing for a great Harvest of Souls – and I know that they are not “where” we are in their worship experience – Yet! So I will have no “hidden agenda,” and I will show deference for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Personal Application

In the past 20-years, especially since our major “change”  from a denominational pattern and program to an independent full-Gospel fellowship, we have developed certain “tastes” in our style of worship, in the instruments we play, in the flags we wave, and even in the prophetic release of words and messages.

Yes, I love accompanying corporate worship! Yes, I love the freedom we have found in the display and use of flags, banners, tambourines, etc. But, though I might think that I have “Matured” in my manner of worship, etc. the truth is, I would only be exposing my “Immaturity” if I were not willing to put aside my “agenda” – my preferences – and give “deference” to the vision of our new lead pastor, and those potentially, who have not been exposed to those things to which I have become accustomed.

And, according to the above scriptures, I must “cut off” anything that would offend! I truly believe that now is the time that we will see the Outpouring of ALL that God has prophesied and promised us – in this fellowship and in this city!

So,I therefore, without regret or hesitation – release all that I have found to be comfortable for me, and embrace the CHANGE – that I might be “flexible” and “useful” for whatever He has planned for me. I do not intend to “miss” what I’ve been standing for – over something that really is not a matter of conviction (just a preference). [See http://outrageousgrace.org/convictions/]

My Commitment & Challenge

I truly believe that nothing we have seen in the past compares to all that God has for us NOW! My expectation is for much GREATER Glory than anything I have yet experienced! I will put aside my personal agenda and preferences to reach this city for the Revolution / Outpouring / Breakthrough that God is releasing Now! I invite you to join me in this New Adventure – To Embrace the Change and Experience the Best God has saved for Last! ~ Shelia Hart Artt



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