She Was A Winner

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She Was A Winner

Tiffani Ann Artt

(June 11, 1971 – Jan. 8, 2011)

Born with big dimples on that sweet face
Tiffani came here determined to race
Competitive and strong-will
Still funny and kind
She was a winner – and she set the pace.

Discovered her purpose from the start
Coaching others was certainly her part
Her life’s dreams fulfilled
With strength and with grace
Impacting young lives and changing their heart.

Through troubles and trials she fought to win
She came back from death’s door – time and again.
But she left us too soon …
Still laughing and loving
Dimples still showing and wit til the end.

Tif fought a good fight
She finished her course
She won the race
She got there first!
Impacting lives yet – tho’ she took her flight! *

~ Shelia Hart Artt – written June 11, 2015 (would have been Tif’s 44th Birthday).

*One of the Artt Sisters favorite songs to sing was “I’ll Fly Away” – and they sang it together the night before Tiffani left this world!

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  1. Missy

    How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. Happy Birthday Tiffani!

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