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“It’s in Christ that you – once you heard the truth and believed it found yourselves home free—signed, SEALED and delivered by the Holy Spirit. This signet from God is the first installment on what’s coming, a reminder that we get Everything God has planned for us, a praising and glorious life.” (Eph.1:13 Msg) ❤

✔This week (Jan.23-27) my husband’s eyelid that was tearing apart – was suddenly “sealed up” – and his vision cleared up!
✔Dixie Ebisch’s back was leaking spinal fluids & she went to surgery twice to repair it – but suddenly it was “sealed” & pressure, headaches, and pain were gone!
✔Sheri Milburn’s side was still draining from the surgery (since Dec.9) and they surgical inserted a tube into her side – but the leakage is slowing & we speak a suddenly – that it stop! And we say “Be sealed over by the Holy Spirit of promise!”

Claim your signet from God – His installment on what’s coming in your life!  Everything that He promised is yours!

Celebrate and enjoy the Praising & Glorious Life that is yours in Christ Jesus! You have been signed, SEALED & delivered by the Power of Holy Spirit who lives in you! ~ Shelia Hart Artt  ❤💕❤💕❤

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