A Tribute to My Sister – Cindy Hart Daron

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A Tribute to My Sister – Cindy Hart Daron
The Poem God gave me to share with Family & Friends
@ my sister’s Memorial! April 17, 2017.



Cynthia Hart Daron – July 17, 1956 – April 9,2017


I have a little sister who looks a lot like me
She’s funny and sassy and cute as can be
When she came along – she was the last part
The four of us kids – were known as the Harts!
Randolph and Una and Randy and me
Then Phyllis and Cindy – complete family!
Our life was so ordered – we knew every day
Up early each morning and then we could play
Our schedule included church like a clock
On Sunday and Wednesday and just down the block
We walked every time unless it would rain
The kids skipped and raced and looked for the train.
I played with my dollies and I had some fun
But when Cindy was born – she was the one…
I changed her diapers and combed her hair
And told my dollies that I didn’t care …
‘Cause Cindy’s my sister and she needed me
To carry her, feed her and hold on my knee
And she entertained us with songs that she’d sing
And tip-toe around us – the laughter would ring!
My favorite boy-friend – the man that I wed
Was Cindy’s play-mate and often I’ve said
His kindness to Cindy showed me his big heart
So he wanted five kids – and I did my part.


 A wife, a daughter, a mother and friend
Everyone loved her – our sweet Cindy
She lived, she loved – Life to the fullest
The joy of the Lord made her life the Best!
Nothing could stop her from time well-spent
And even in hard times – each day an event
Of loving her family and fun with her friends
And tho’ we’ll miss her – her love never ends.
Cindy enjoyed the challenges that life affords
Adventures and blessings were her great reward
Her smile was contagious and so was her joy
Her strength supernatural – It came from the Lord.
The love-of-her-life – Tim – had her heart
Elisabeth and Sarah – her best friends
She brought so much love to her kids and kin
A legacy that will always cause us to win.
We don’t understand – but as Cindy did – we trust
And know that our Father knows best
She’s free of pain and happy today

In Christ she’s Victorious over Hell, death and grave!       ~ Shelia Hart Artt

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